I love this site, it’s called “Ginger Beards”. Why? The reason is it is the combination
of two things I really like, Red hair and Beard!!!

Here is some of irresistable pics!!!


Please Enjoy!!!

Life Life Life!!! Such a life.
How can we survive thru this whole life!!!
Nah, it is not so bad as I just said. At the moment, I just live my life
day by day. Making a plan for the day, try to complete it and that’s all.
Very simple, indeed!!! I can feel that the conversation between me and
myself is getting clear and clearer everytimes. It’s kind of like taking
more control of my mind, looking in details as much as possible before
making any decision or even give comment or asking question, am I?

Though there are still so many minor mistakes happen quite often. Why?
The answer I recently found is, my mind is not stay with myself all the time.
How can I make this sentence make more sense. Ok, I got the idea from
Buddhism, which I always admire the concept of its. There are like one
practicing method for buddhist to help achieve the highest spiritual state.
It is meditation. Yeah, actually that is the word I need. Ok now it’s not
complicate now. I used to practice meditation before and actually the
real concept of meditation is to control your mind effectively. So you
don’t need to take a seat in the peaceful place to do meditation, you
can do wherever and whenever you want. Just control your mind to be
with yourself and know the state of what are you doing all the time.
Umh, this is just my idea about meditation from what I have learnt,
probably a bit different but I think it can get the same effect.

Oh I don’t know how I end up wih this topic as at first I just wanna talk
more about my next project. Last Friday, good news from Zoe, she asked
me if I am interested in do a new project for tape projects as part of
platform exhibition in Fringe Festival, wheww. Hesitation, no!!! not me
for sure. It’ll happen in the early september so it is very soon. The idea
I was told, this project is called “Arab Telephone” It is like one story have
been told to many people and the story get distort every time by the
different audiences. It is like the concept of “Rashomon” by Akira
Kurosawa. So I need to get inspired now!!!!

Love, Hate, Disgust, Fear,… all emotions are universal language, isn’t it?
They are just ordinary things in life that happen to everyone. Umhhhhhh
this topic is getting emo and emo so let’s go to next one indeed!!!!

I just got some new inspiration from Russian Ballet Art, it’s quite
impressive to look at all the artworks in the past. Umhh my next project,
I want to make a short animation like 5 mins, narrative, well-animated,
beautiful background, inspired soundscape and the last one is enter to
many festival ha ha ha ha ha very very very very amibitious, I am.

Sci-fi + Russian Ballet + Overhead projector = xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Oh yeah, today I went to help Ken and Rebecca filmed the shadow puppet
project at St.Joseph Primary School in Collingwood. I really enjoyed it
because of the “Medieval” techniques they were used. A lot of paper cut
into the shape of pyramid, bats, cityscape, etc. Also cellophane flowers
which I’m really like, they look fantastic!!! I definitely want to use the
overhead projector for my next animation. But how can I afford it?
It’s all money issues, pheeeeew…….