Hello, world. I am back!!!!

Yeah, this year I have wrote only 2 posts what does this mean?!? Hmmm?
This year’s gone so super duper quick for me, every months are still quite
clear in my mind of what I did. I’ve past thru many things, mostly my
various stages of my mind, diving to the deep shit and then find the way
back to light, woo hooo!!!!

Since I’ve got back here in Melbourne in July, I have to live on my own.
Even didn’t have to pay for the rent but it still pretty hard for me, though
Eventually, I am lucky enough that I’ve got many good friends here…

I don’t want to saying anything here much, possibly write down of what
I have found instead. I was very very depressing in the past few months.
Been crying almost every3-4 days which make me feel like shit. And I
think because I let it happened and didn’t try hard enough to stop me
being like that. And then suddenly one day I’d realized how selfish and
needy I am from a good friend then I start it all over again. Like being
back to myself, got to my inner peace again. I lost it for a year…I knew
because I went back to my diary and read through what had happen in
2008 and found that on the same day of last year I’d got back to my
inner peace and eventually, this year 2009 on the same day I’ve got it
back too ha ha ha how funny is that!!! I start to know how to control my
feeling again. But you know what after that I thought I am stable now
but actually it’s not yet finish. There are still something always come to
test you all the times ha ha ha. But now I am ok : )

Now I am a wanderer, staying at friend’s house, might try to stay in too
many places as much as possible. Actually, it’s like refreshing yourself.
I stayed at Nic’s for 5 days now I am at Paul’s woo hoo fun. I’ve just
realized how much I miss the feeling of having my own room, Privacy!!!
I’d guess that the other thing that cos me a problem…

Ummm I still have no plan for New Year’s Eve!!! What should I do?!?!?

Anyway, I have to promised to myself that will keep blogging more and

Merry x mas and Happy New Year, Yay!!!!