click click clack cluck!!!
click click clack cluck!!!
ahh now I’m in Bangkok!!!
I’ve been here for 2 weeks now and feel very very very good to be with my family and catch up with old friends.
Been eating lots of my mum food, hurrrrrrrrr full!!!!!

This is like a short break or actually I’m standing on the platform to another stage of my life. Maybe my long long vacation is going to end now, my serious life is coming soon…. or maybe not!!!

I came back here to apply for my new student visa and going back there to start trying live as an animator. At first I thought I might not get this visa, don’t know what is the reason that will make me don’t git it though, just anxious!!! Then I got it in 2 days woo hooooo. Sometimes I think I might have use all the lucks that I have in my whole life. Like actually I suppose to be lucky 3 times a years but I actually used my luck 10 times a years so at the end of my life I might be vey unlucky woman. ahhh so I have to die young!!!
Staying with family make me think clearly about what is important in my life? Who is the one that really caring and loving me!!! I promise mum, this time I’ll be better girl, work harder for you and to prove that myself can do anything I dream of too. Actually I quite admire her as she’s kinda success in her starting point as a writer. Her first book was publish in March this year and 2-3 books will coming out soon too. How great is that, huh? She’s never been to school properly, only did until years 4. I’m so proud of her. And she told me so that because one sentence from me that keep her writng is ‘Finding your dream and make it come true’ So I’ll try my best.
I think that everyone have different life, we can choose our own ways. We don’t have to be the same. Just try to be happy with your life. For now I’m not saying that I don’t need money, it’s super important too. But just how much do you really actually need it. I do need more money but If I can’t and I still can eat and sleep that’s fine. The more I grow older, the less I be out of temper. Umm maybe someone might not agree with this. Ok let’s say this I find some simply things in life that can make me happy easier. I try not to be angry and try to see everythings that happen in my life whether it’s good or bad in a funny way.
ahh the other things is I always love to see people that love for what they do. for example, recently I’ve been to reataurant, post office and juice shop and met very nice, kindly and happy people working there. It make me feel grateful and want to show them that I do support of what they are doing 100%.
umm… whatelse? I guess this is the stage of my life i’m now in. I’m ready for the next!!! woo hoo