Ok!!! I  haven’t been blogging for so long maybe since October 2008, now it’s
the time…..

At the beginning of this year 2009 like January 1, I felt like something very
good going to happen to me. Some already did happen and some more will
coming I believe. Still have no permanent job like last 6 months but I feel
happier with life than usual which I think it’s good enough. At the time
while all my housemates went back to Bangkok, I had learnt so many
things about myself. How should I control my feeling and emotion.
Still need to practice more though. Before this when I stay by myself I
thought I’m strong enough to be like emotional detach but Still….

Today I went to install work with Zoe for our collaborative project
together for Platform’s residency. I have learnt a lot about how to work
with other people. How to balance the ideas of each other. I know that
I still can’t control of my feeling and still showing it straight away
ha ha ha, but it is good that it’s Zoe so she’s kind of understand me a lot
and be patient for a sometimes short tempered girl like me.

I went to Tasmania for Christmas and New Year whuch was real fun.
If I write this blog last months maybe I can talk more about it but this is
kind of too late now and I wrote it in other place. It was super fantastic
that’s all I can say.

I feel like at this time of my life is the big psychological exam. There are
many different stages I need to pass. Some are very hard and some are
not so. And also I learnt that life is a big journey, we keep searching for
something we don’t really know what is and then realised that we don’t
have to know it. Just keep going and going. There are sometimes that we
are losing our track, getting lost in the way by happiness and sadness.
Before this I forgot that happiness also has bad effect to life as well as
sadness. It’s kind of like making you crazier, electrifying than usual.
One of my friend said sadness make you keep going, it is true also.

Umh… keep going duh duh duh dahhh