Umhh.. haven’t blogging for a while, probably because haven’t have
time to stay with myself and now I’m all alone in the house so here
it is…..

Last two week, I got busted from the police. Haaaa it’s just one
stupid things, didn’t wear a helmet. First I thinking about don’t
stop when they ask me to but as I saw a red traffic light in front of
me and plus my bad riding skill. It could be worse so then I sadly
stop. I didn’t make any excuse because I think it useless, they
also this kind of excuse million times. I humbly accepted the ticket.
Fuck 52 bucks, I silently shouting in my mind ha ha ha. That’s ok.

Last Monday, I almost steal bicycle from a bum. I’m the worst ha ha.
I was walking home with Aran, we usually walk through Calton
garden. When we enter the garden, Aran saw one bicyle park without
lock, we look around and seem no one be the owner of this bike.
Finally, I dicided to take the bike and almost ride on it. Suddenly,
I heard someone shouting at me like ‘It’s mine, it’s mine’ I turn to
the sound and Shit!! This bike is belong to that homeless guy we
just walk pass from another side of the junction. ha ha ha This’s
hilarious, and I’m so embarrased for what I was doing. I try to tell
him sorry sorry sorry and then I walk away. Umh.. shit shit shit..

Both of my friends were leaving to Thailand on Friday for 2 months.
I miss them so bad and so lonely living by myself now. Actually I
already know that I’ll be fine but it’s just not fun as usual. Before
this I was thinking about don’t have time for myself to sit and think
thoroughly to things in my life and now I have plenty enough…….

So I start to mae a plan of what I want to achieve, hope some of it’ll
be succeed before they come back.

I think the reason why I feel really lonely because in the past 3-4
months we were really close, I always slept over in this house then
I moved in so it become something I get used to. This remind me
when I first arrive Melbourne, even I was living with my friend but
she was very busy so I usually stay by myself do things indepently.
And at that time I was happy as well. So let’s think in another way
round this is a very good opportunity I long for. It’s the time to
make something happen and time to change. Yeahhh…..