For about 2-3 days, my mind was working crazily, try to think about
‘Bike Crash’. Umh.. maybe it’s too exaggerated, ok actually just try to
figure it out how many times I did crash my bike when I live here.

First time I think it happened in 2007 around January, I got my bike as
a birthday present from my brother’s money. I bought it from e-bay, it
came in a box and I have to ask Tong, my friend to make it work for
me coz I know nothing about bicycle. After 2 weeks, I rode to ‘Shrine
of Remembrance’ by myself. On the way back, I tried to get into the area
around the monument, I turned my bike left and then found the sign 
‘don’t allow bicycle’ only pedestrian. Half of my bike is in so I tried to
turn right back which is impossible if someone saw it, ha ha ha. Bang!!!
My bike crashed with a short pole and then it broken, I had to walk back
home with my 2 weeks old bike T_T. My bike was in the shop for a week.
When I brought my bike to the shop, they ask me what I have done with
it ha ha ha. Yeah it looked pretty bad condition, luckily that I got the
spare part from the e-bay seller otherwise it suck because it is kind of
vintage bike, difficult to find a part.

It ended up stay in my room for about 3-4 months without riding at all
till I moved to the house on Smith St.

Second time or umh.. not sure. This time was very funny. At Rmit, I was
riding to uni, on the way to take my bike up to the studio have to ride
pass one building. While I tried to turn left, I saw one of my friend ‘Hung’.
I tried to waive my hand and say hello to him. Bang!!! ha ha ha at the
corner of that building. I don’t know why I couldn’t turn my bike not
to hit that building. Umh.. maybe I’m just new biker.

Third, maybe it was the time when… ah just thinking that I did it so
many many times. ok on the way back home, right turn at the corner
of that last Rmit building on Swanston St. I turn right and there were
many people walk in front of me so have to drift my bike then on the
ground there were some sand, I was scared that I gonna fall down so
I drift again then I finally fell off my bike ha ha ha. Lame.

Forth, on the way to uni, while I was just on Smith St. and thinking
about get onto the foot path before Gertrude St. Yeah, my wheel was
parallel to the foot path so YES it couldn’t get on to the Foot path.
Luckily, there was no people on the street because it’s early morning,
just some one in the car at the opposite side maybe wondering what
the heck that girl doing in this quiet morning?

Umh.. I think there still more of it, but couldn’t think of any for now.
Anyway it could have Part Two!!!