For a couple of days I felt unstable and insecure and I know what is the
reason for a long time, still try to solve it constantly. Anyway, I don’t
want to get too emotional so maybe I talk about things that happem in
this busy week.

Let’s start, this week is very crazy for me since I graduated and nothing
to do much. Now there are lots of thing that I have to make discipline
for my life. Since the beginning of September I start to get some design
jobs from people I know which is great because I can buy more breads.
Have to finish one by one piece though sometimes I felt very lazy and
just want to slack of. Today I went to install the sticker for window of
Thai Rice Shop restaurant in Camberwell. I thought it was a easy job and
I will get a good pay, yeah but it’ll never be easy like that ha ha ha.

While I prepared everythings for the installation, my client came to the
sticker that I was going to attach to window and point out that the color
of its is wrong, didn’t look the same as she told me to do. First thinking
was “Shit, no not again Lee”. Once I heard that I almost cry because it
means I have to re-print it again and it’ll cost more than I get pay which
I probably work for free. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ok so I have to go back to the sticker shop and try to print and finish
everything by today. When I got back there, open my file and ofund out
that actually I did it correct, the problem is when it printed out the color
was a bit change. I told my sister’s boss to let her know that I made it
correct, though we still thinking about print it again. Eventually, someone
who incharged of this job was gone home already and no one can print
it out until Monday. So our plan is go back and do the wrong one first
and when the new one finish just change it.

There’s one thing I need to note to myself is don’t be up set because it
won’t help anything, it’ll only get worse. So actually I felt better on the
way to the sticker shop cause there’s nothing for me to up set, it’s just
one mistake. Then let’s it go. Pheww…

I came back and try to attach the sticker to the window which is a bit
difficult to do alone, luckily boss’ sister, she hlep me a lot. While I
almost done, she noticed that the color is not that wrong. Then I got
an idea that if I can persuade them to use this one, my life will be
easierrrrrrrrr a ha. So finally I asked the boss like do you still need me
to print the new one or you just go with this and I discount for my pay
which for me is a lot better than paying the new one. Ok is the answer

Now it’s time for emo ha ha ha. Actually I felt a lot better now so no
need to say much. Just some important lesson in life that need to
memorise, born alone, live alone and die alone. Also the expectation
can kill you. That’s enough to say, isn’t it?

Pang told me to smile to myself when I feel sad and it works 🙂 woooo

Next week will also be a crazy week again, try to finish work for the
exhibition and all other tiny works which I should complete them by
this weekend. Hope tomorrow at the restaurant won’t busy ha ha ha.