Yeah, life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what’s inside? Umh is this
a correct quote from Mr. Forrest Gump, umh I think it’s pretty 90 percent correct!

Ok, let shall begin about another reaction from destiny. After a hard time in the
last month everthings seem to settle down in their own ways, I feel happy
more. But it’s not lasting long enough for my pleasure then here it come

First when I planned to move in this new house, there are an uncertainty
about how long I can stay in, because the owner plan to lease the house
to other tenants which is mean everyone that live in the house by now all
have to move out immeadiately. At that time I pray to the holy thing that
I want to live in this house, please make the owner change his mind and
it did happen BUT for only 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then after I’m moving
in completely, he changes his mind. Damn Damn Damn!!!!!!!!
it’s mean I need to move out again in 1-2 months.

I knew about this after working on Sunday, got a message from Reece.
After read thru it, I felt like “oh not again, what gonna happen to me next?”
and it is a bit funny too, isn’t it? I do wanna cry but I can’t because it is too
funny but finally I did. Ahhh this reminds me of the conversation I had with
Shelly the other days, talking about how did I deal with all my problems in
the last month. Yeah, just let’s it go, there will find their way out finally.
Umh I’m not sure now that I can think like that, it’s just felt like hopeless.
Maybe it is a sign that I should go back to Thailand as soon as I can. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This is too funny, it is too funny, my life T_T